• The Beep Pakistan messaging app, which covers 41 federal ministries and departments, has finally been made available to government employees by the Ministry of Information Technology. The public will soon be able to access it as well.
  • The purpose of the app is to provide a substitute for social media apps like WhatsApp. It will provide services including audio and video calling, video conferencing, and secure communication between government employees. Users will be able to safely transfer private official papers with it as well.
  • This app is initially accessible to federal authorities, but provincial agencies will also have access to it in the second phase. Following government workers, the general public will now have access to this application. With this, Beep Pakistan will become the first native social media app in the nation.
  • The government argues that the application is more safe than alternatives because its server is situated in Pakistan. This application’s source code will likewise be hosted in Pakistan. With an expenditure of Rs. 79 billion, 83 new projects have made it possible for the app to be connected.

The Need of a Native Text Messaging App

Pakistan decided to create a messaging app domestically in the midst of widespread worries about data security and privacy. Although well-known messaging programs like Facebook’s WhatsApp have long dominated the market, worries about potential abuse and foreign espionage of user data are growing. A local substitute that could guarantee data sovereignty and secure communications was required, as acknowledged by the Pakistani government and the tech community.

Essential Elements of the Pakistani Texting App

Similar to WhatsApp, the messaging app from Pakistan also features end-to-end encryption, which makes sure that messages are only viewed by the intended receiver. This feature improves privacy by preventing eavesdropping on the user’s discussions.

Video and Audio Calls:

Voice and video calls can be made with ease by users, making it simple to communicate with friends, family, and coworkers.

Sharing of Multimedia:

The software fulfills a variety of communication needs by enabling the sharing of documents, voice messages, photographs, videos, and more.

Conversations in groups:

Group chats are easy to start and join, allowing users to connect with numerous individuals at once.

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