Pfizer, a global pharmaceutical leader, has announced several job opportunities in Pakistan for ambitious professionals, including remote positions. With a history of drug development, joining Pfizer means enhancing your clinical career and contributing to improving health and wellness on a monumental scale.

General criteria

  • Relevant degrees for the desired position.
  • Outstanding academic achievements, particularly in the pharma sector.
  • Prior roles in pharmaceutical or similar industries (specific to specific positions).
  • Technical intelligence combined with problem solving skills.
  • Effective communication, and teamwork skills.
  • A true drive to push the boundaries in healthcare.
  • Documents are required to apply :
  • Detailed and updated CV.
  • All your relevant degrees and certificates.
  • Additional qualifications that highlight your expertise.
  • Letters from past roles, showing your contributions.
  • A cover letter on why Pfizer is your ideal next step.

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